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Before their trip

After more than a year of traveling to the most exotic places around the world with the hope to find idyllic naturist spots, we are very much looking forward to finally visit France. A country that is still considered the home of naturism and which has played a prominent role in the history of the lifestyle. Other than its historical value, France is also still the country with the largest variety in options for those who prefer to spend their spare time clothes free. From huge naturist resorts which cater for over ten thousand visitors per day to picturesque little campgrounds in the middle of forests and magnificent landscapes.

Holidays in France are often immediately linked with the Côte d’azur or the Provence but we will visit a whole other region which can roughly be called the Aquitaine province. The thought of wild Atlantic coasts, villages that would catapult us back decades ago, delicious food, even better wines and an ideal autumn climate has been tickling our imagination since the moment we planned this trip around the best places in the region to drop our clothes.

After their trip

It didn’t take long to convince us that France is still the undefeated queen when it comes to naturist destinations around the world. In two weeks we crossed the Aquitaine region and found more than we could have ever wished for. Euronat and CHM Monta, two huge campgrounds that are worth the status “naturist village”, Arnaouchot with its great new spa complex, the amazing views from Domaine Laborde, the eco-friendliness of Creuse Nature and the wonderful nature at Le Colombier. All were so different and yet made sure to fulfil every naturist’s wishes.

The days when naturism was restricted to so-called “colonies” are clearly long gone. What we found were very modern places, both when it comes to facilities and ideas. The options are huge: long walks on the nude beaches or in the woods, naked surfing, naked tennis, naked arching, naked dance classes, you name it. If we want to try it all we will probably have to come back for years to come. Add to this a varied range of guests who all have in common that they like to spend their holidays clothes free and you find a wonderful atmosphere full of happiness, friendliness, respect and lots of smiles. All the things why we like naturist places so much.

Resorts they visited

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